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                The correct way to clean your shirt is to never crease it.

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                A shirt is a must-wear for many workers, and a nice shirt can make a person look especially spiritual. Many people don't wash their shirts and often wrinkle their shirts, making them especially ugly. In fact, as long as we master the method, we can wash the shirt neatly.

                Here is the correct cleaning procedure for the shirt:

                1. When cleaning, soak is a must, but time not too long, after cotton put washing powder, maximum bubble, 35 minutes if leader buckle with besmirch, can rub the appropriately, without stain, soak can.

                2. When the washing machine takes out the shirt before the dehydration process, simply fold it and then dehydrate it, thus reducing the formation of wrinkles.

                3. For shirts made of chemical fiber, you don't need to wring them out to dry. For interlock of class, can not directly take water dried up, because the gravity of water, will reach the limit, make clothing elastic deformation so as to make the clothes, so, cotton casual shirt is the best split at not bibulous plane out to dry.

                4. Hang, it is best to find similar to shoulder width of hangers, if the hanger is too small, the clothes dry will make shoulders with two racks of impressions, if the hanger is too wide, sleeve also easy to have clothes tree line. The solution can be used to find two clips, adjust the sleeves of the garment to the appropriate position, with a clip.

                5. Finally, fold your shirt in a regular way and fold your shirt neatly.

                We should pay special attention to collars and cuffs when cleaning shirts. These two are the key points for cleaning shirts and often get dirty. The following is the cleaning method of collar and cuffs:

                1. Apply some toothpaste evenly on the collar and cuffs, gently scrub with a brush and rinse with water to remove stains.

                2. Dip the small brush into the detergent, apply it to the stain on the collar and cuffs, and then wash the clothes in the washing machine to remove the dirt. Hand washing can have the same effect.

                3. Sprinkle some salt on the collar, gently rub, then wash with soap. Because most people's collars are soaked in sweat, the sweat contains proteins that dissolve quickly in a salt solution and easily wash away.

                4. After washing the collar and cuff of the shirt, the baby powder will be pressed with the powder, then the electric iron will be pressed lightly, then the powder will be pressed. The next time you wash it, it will be easy to clean.

                5. Take 50ml of anhydrous alcohol into 100ml of carbon tetrachloride, and fill it evenly on the dirty spot in the sprayer. With a brush, the dirt can be removed. When the liquid is evaporated, the shirt will be put into the washing machine for routine washing, and the cleaning effect will be satisfied.

                6. The newly bought or newly made shirt, before the end of the wear, with a cotton ball dipped in the collar and sleeve, gently scrubbed the gasoline, and after the gasoline evaporates, wash it with clean water. After this treatment, it is easy to clean.

                Follow these tips to keep your shirt clean and tidy forever.

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