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                What are the main points of the work clothes?

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                Professional uniform design principle is first have a clear aim: according to different industries, the same industry different enterprise, different positions on the same enterprise, suits the same post different identity, gender, etc. Specific design differences can be used to explain why people wear, wear time, wear places, why they wear and what they wear. What people wear, in a narrow sense means to their location within the given time to work or engage in business activities as part of a person, in the broad sense refers to a relatively clear not be points after the part of consumers. "Here" in overalls as a group. A part. A class, its operating characteristics. Individual and group style. The physiological and psychological needs. The political and economic status. Cultural quality, etc., as for the specific and different design requirements. Time and place are the general environment and small environmental factors of occupation. Time has spring, summer, autumn and winter, day and night, and the location is characterized by regional environment and small environment of specific work.
                Economy except a few expensive clothes, such as certain etiquette. Special clothing, most of the demands of its, with reasonable price performance ratio, namely chooses the fabrics and design class. Design complexity. Comprehensive compared with difficulty of the production process, etc. Under the premise of the same aesthetic feeling and function, the design work clothes should reduce the cost as far as possible, from the design, material, production difficult, clothing structure and so on.
                Aestheticism of aesthetic work clothes is determined by the commonality of the spirit of clothing. Work clothes are made for the convenience of work. It is very important to make the aesthetic process.
                Functional overalls can be selected according to the company's situation, and selected design fabrics such as: construction company, should wear wear resistant fabrics; Electronic company, should choose antistatic fabrics. Work clothes should choose good fabrics when custom, choose the suit that suits oneself company, ability achieves best is practical.



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