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                How to make work clothes very durable?

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                Believe everybody knows, the work clothes is not only to protect the safety of the employee, a kind of clothing of the side employee work clothes, it is also a factory, the image of an enterprise. And this overalls may be longer than all of our normal clothes, so how do we make bespoke suits for longer?
                1. If it is a pure cotton garment, it should be kept in the closet to prevent moisture and acid attack when stored.
                2. If it is made of cotton and linen materials, please pay attention to the moisture-proof, wash and dry before storage. Collect also should be able to collect according to the depth of the color, the clothes that do not wear often should be taken out to dry, lest moldy.
                3, custom-made work clothes when not to wear on the interior of the wardrobe in, pocket should be put in pest control agent, and set on the cover, and the ability to keep ventilated, colleagues should be on the low temperature place, if the upscale work clothes in a very short time and surface without so much dust, can wipe gently with wet towel after cleaning dust removal.
                If you really want to make the work wear more durable, you need to do the above protective measures to eliminate every act that makes the garment deformed.


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