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                How much do you know about professional clothing?

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                Is the girl dress the skirt or the trousers? How long is the skirt length? How tight is the leg?
                The girl is wearing a dress, whether it's a suit or a dress. Trousers are suggested to be considered in special needs (such as climbing up and down today). The length of the dress needs to be decided according to height and age, if partial short stature, suggested that the length of the skirt should be in knee above two centimeters, is on the high side or older, the length of the skirt can be below the knee again two centimeters. Note: the length of the skirt avoids the position of the knee.
                Is there a particular Angle to the shirt collar? Does the shirt collar turn over the suit or not?
                The Angle of the collar of women's dress shirt is more casual, the collar of shirt is to turn inside the suit or not, according to the need of collocation, there is no rule. Even shirts are not a must-have item for women.
                What are the buttons on the sleeves and front buttons?
                Not particularly fastidiously, the best material is natural materials (ox horn, shell, shell, wood or wrapped fabric) or metal, which is determined by the recognized high dress etiquette culture.
                4. What are the colors and patterns of suits and shirts? Are the top and bottom colors consistent? If it can be inconsistent, what is the law of collocation?
                Ladies wear charm, men wear rules. Although the woman can choose the color spectrum, generally speaking plain (black ash, blue, etc.) can be versatile, the color should be cautious, may touch the company's class culture latent rules. The upper and lower colors do not have to be consistent, according to the color collocation principle such as dress color collocation, such as black or dark grey short skirt can be matched with all colors of women's suit jacket.
                5. What is the proper material? (I think man-made fabrics such as polyester are not so good in quality. So, do you have to buy more than 95 percent of the wool?)
                Modern technology can be made to be consistent with the visual texture and tactile texture of man-made fibers and wool, which is a choice for new employees (cheap but not textured), but you will have to look for it. If the conditions permit, it is recommended that more than 95% of the wool fabric be used for formal occasions, so that you are not afraid of being afraid in front of people. The emphasis is on regulation (clothing that matches the current situation), with a well-tailored technique that is far more important than a brand or price, and allows you to have a good enough presence in the image to communicate with senior figures.
                6. How to choose women's shoes? (color? High heel, wedge, flat heel? Can you tie it?
                Ms office suite must match boat shoes, the heel height is generally in 5 cm, there must be black, grey, blue, and other color can also be used, but on collocation have higher requirements, lack of knowledge of image management friends more difficult to manage, be careful. In the fashion world, women's high heels, high heels (more formal), at least in the middle and high heels (in the middle of a busy, bustling workplace). The design tries to avoid the complex elements on the shoes, including color change, decorations, functional parts (lacing), the basic model is the best.
                7. Does it need to be customized to fit? Or is it hard to buy a perfect fit, and always have to find another tailor?
                Customised, of course, is a lot better than a professional suit. After all, it is measured by the body and customized according to the data. If you go to the mall and buy it, you have to rely on luck. It's hard to say if you can buy a perfect fit. And the choice of style is also a problem: you can't determine whether the effect of the picture is suitable for you, and more worried that the tailor has the ability to reproduce the original. It is recommended to start with the first purchase, so tailoring is necessary in most cases.
                8. Is it usually not good enough (mixed with man-made fibers) and the style is not classic enough? Is it better to choose a professional brand?
                The brand mentioned here is most suitable for new employees to try first, because it is more affordable. Professional do dress brand, or organization, the suit is quite deep, color, material, style, etc., for people with certain experience will be the best choice, so professional suit would be a good sign.
                9. I have this idea is right: if the young girl's budget is not much, or don't understand to choose appropriate, tie-in dress, jewelry, dress up when only wear a watch, bracelet all don't wear earrings necklace.
                The idea is very good, general big company also is so ask female employee: the jewelry tries to be worn as little as possible, avoid feminine charm to affect professional feeling, if want to wear, also avoid too conspicuous. Etiquette lecturer in fashion in the workplace, such as image, etiquette training division, etc., under the condition of no strict requirement, can wear suitable accessories, because professional outfit can appear more depressing, lack of fashionable feeling, if with a silk scarf, or a corsage, effect will be completely different.
                Again, men dress mainly in rules and women wear glamour. Women's wear can't be the same as a man's suit, but the combination of the basic sum of the seven or eight sets is feasible.


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