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                Interpretation of work and service knowledge.

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                Useful working clothes should be adapted to different working environment, so the planning should have many detailed functional requirements and constraints. On the selection of information, in order to satisfied the nature of the industry operation, to comprehensively consider the biological function of materials, texture, and processing functions, etc.; Style planning should be based on job characteristics, reasonable structure, appropriate color, any too fashionable and fancy style. Accessories should be included in specific operating environment constraints.
                Manufacturing and processing, demand cutting accuracy. Sewing firmly. Standard type complete. Flat.
                Work clothing apparel fundamental geologic body now two aspects of its material and energy. The usefulness of migrant workers is the difference between days the biggest characteristic of clothing. Now that is employed to wear clothes, look from the energy of the clothing, homework is equipped with necessary for establishing and strengthening the employees work ethics, cultivate the energy work excellently. Wear work clothing, everyone to heart into work, conscientious, let each employee to enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of community.
                Economic durability is usefulness and on the other hand. Homework half planner is a businessman, and it is necessary for him to its capital accounting haggle over every ounce, even a grain of buckle. A piece of ribbon. A badge enterprises. Cheap and fine is characteristic of most job loading, from customer side, the cost of manufacturing installs is budget in advance; From planning side, also can't discounts like out-of-season clothes, it is necessary to ensure that the lower limit of the underlying profits. Therefore, on the premise of guarantee the quality requirements, what needs to be able to land the price is reasonable, the clothes wear more, cut using company itself with clothing company's burden and capital.


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