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                How do you fashion a man's shirt?

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                 A shirt is one of the most common things people wear, so how do you wear a shirt? This is, of course, is to have cultured, the shirt is more traditional clothes, to wear a shirt, want to put the shirt is good, also need a certain size, but for some people, to achieve the perfect body that is impossible. So if you want to look perfect in size, we can also use dressing tips to improve. For example, wearing different colors will make you look taller or shorter.
                Men, though they deal with shirts frequently, are not afraid to tell the truth. Understanding the fabric of the shirt, the selection method, the dress code, and the collocation method of the tie is the basic common sense of the modern man.
                When choosing a dress shirt, different necklines will have different effects on your face and neckline.
                Classic collar: suitable for various face shapes and neck lengths.
                Tip: best for round face and thick neck.
                Eight word collar: suitable for thin face and long neck.
                Buckle collar: suit all face shape, whether tie-in tie is ok.
                Vertical collar: suitable for thin or long neck. If the neck is short, open the collar.
                If you don't have enough emphasis on your whole body, it's still not clear enough. Try putting on a hat. The different hats are quite different from the formal ones. The increase in the number of hats has further enhanced the casual performance of the suit.
                Divide the collar
                The collar of a shirt is usually divided into the following six types:
                Standard collar: professional length and open Angle all trend "flat" collar is called the standard collar. This kind of shirt is common in business activity, colour and lustre is given priority to with monochrome and white, it is the most common, commonest style.
                Color collar: a plain or striped shirt with a white collar. Some cuffs are white. Collar type is standard collar or open Angle collar. The collar has a large shape and is usually round. Choose the man of color collar, in collocation must pay attention to coordinate, otherwise the one that does not pay attention to will be classified as "have no grade" kind.
                Hidden-interlocking collar: traditional around the collar seam with Newcastle, tie through the lift button on, get a department fasten shirt collar is rigorous, emphasizes the tie of the structure of the three-dimensional image, wearing this type of shirt have to wear a tie, and smaller, usually play tight summary, and can in no way to play loose tie knot, get a department didn't seem appropriate.
                Angle collar: the collar with the Angle between 120 and 180 degrees. This collar is also known as "Windsor" or "French". It is said that the duke of Windsor, who did not love the beauty of jiangshan, loved this collar.
                Button collar: the sporty collar is fastened to the body with a button. It is a sports shirt. It is the only one of all the shirts that does not require a slop. Typical American style, casual nature, comfortable and convenient. This collar is mostly used on casual shirts, such as denim shirts.
                Long pointed collar: stylish, slender, pointed collar, simple and graceful lines, with the characteristics of new century clothing diversification, more used as a classic style dress shirt. Usually white or plain.


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